One of Sweden’s most extensive Online Program on Holistic Cancer Wellness. We help cancer survivors and their loved ones, to overcome the mental, emotional, and existential impact of cancer to enhance the quality of life.

Who: for cancer survivors, their loved ones and caregivers. One family member has free access together with you.

Why: many people find it tough after treatments are done and experience lack of support when it comes to regain physical and mental strength, dealing with emotions and existential questions.

What: Cancer Wellness Support Program is a 9 week online program with weekly coaching where we learn coping skills and strategies to handle the impact of cancer. It also includes a Mindfulness Based Cancer Recovery Program, gentle exercise, and dietary suggestions.

When: Anytime as it also a self study program. The live coaching is an extra bonus and starts 4 times a year and you can join in anytime. To find out when the next live coaching starts, go to Cancer Support Wellness Program

Cancer Wellness
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Through the Cancer Support Program, our clients have a better quality of life which helps them regain ownership and control of their life.

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