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Cancer Support Program

Cancer Wellness
Cancer Wellness & Support Program

One of Sweden's most trusted Holistic Cancer Wellness Programs, that helps cancer survivors overcome the mental, emotional, and existential impact of cancer.

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Through the Cancer Support Program, our clients have a better quality of life which helps them regain ownership and control of their life.



Here is how I can help You go from Stress to Strength through coaching in group or in private.

Cancer Wellness

Cancer Support Program

Regain Your Strength

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Basic Level of Stress Reduction

Stress to Strength

Stress to Strength

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Qigong for Your Health

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A Proven 5 Step System


The book


A Story of Hope, Healing, Facing Fears, and Finding Purpose

“A truly inspirational book on life and death and having a purpose in life that will stay with you for a long time.” Kevin Harrington, Original Shark on “Shark Tank” Inventor of the Infomercial, Best Selling Author

“With heartfelt honesty, this book takes us on the roller coaster ride of having a cancer diagnosis in a most sensitive manner.” Karen Smith Simonton Executive Director Simonton Cancer Center, USA

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Said about Fia

Stress to Strength Program

“Fia is inspirational, engaging and knowledgeable. I got many new golden nuggets to think about and put into practice. I feel I can move on and further develop my new skills to achieve my goals and feel good.” L.P 

Speaking event

“I came for inspiration – and I got bags of it. I needed to be reminded – and was reminded over and over. I wanted a push forward - and I certainly got it. Thank you so kindly Fia.” A.K

Cancer Wellness

“Among the first people I contacted when I got my cancer diagnosis was Fia Hobbs as I have confidence in her knowledge and knew that Fia had worked with cancer wellness for a long time. I needed to find out what I could do for myself to feel better and what to focus on. A cancer diagnosis turns life upside down and it is hard to think straight. Once I got through my very tough treatments, I turned to Fia for help again. She helped me with a new lifestyle but also how to look at my illness in another way and have confidence in my own body and its' healing power. I am so incredibly grateful for all the help along the way. Even if you know a lot about food and mental training, you still need help from someone on the outside to talk to and also allow yourself to have fun with." S.W

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