Mindful Living

Get to Know Yourself


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Mindfulness is quite the buzz word and people are talking about it,  but do you know what it is and what it can do for you?


One of the many important effects to practise Mindfulness is that it helps you discover unconscious thoughts that control your emotions and actions, which in turn very often leads to stress and anxiety.


With mindfulness training, you become more aware, focused and can take care of negative thought spirals before they gain full power. Through relaxation techniques, you learn to switch the body and brain from stress to relaxation.


A Hands On Lecture

During this talk, you will learn about out the research behind mindfulness that has made it accepted into hospitals, into the world of sports,  and also into the boardroom among CEO’s. I will share with you simple techniques that you can use in everyday life, at work or at home.


Here are some of the things I talk about:
  • meditation as a breathing awareness exercise
  • mindfulness to increase focus and concentration
  • an easy body scan that you can use sitting or laying down
  • find out what the key attitudes are that mindfulness is based on
  • learn 3 steps to instant stress release
  • the difference between formal and informal training and how you can practice mindfulness without it taking any time from your busy schedule

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