Stressed out? Difficult to focus? Lack of energy?

How May I Help You?


If you experience stress in your life related to work, relations, or due to illness and feel you have more demands than resources, then it’s invaluable to get a coach to guide you through.


To have an experienced coach by your side through the bumps of life to help you with the skillset you need, makes all the difference to help you cope and thrive instead of just surviving.


Stress to Strength 5 Step Private Coaching Program is a structured and customized approach to break through sabotaging patterns and behaviors. We look at the subconscious level and work with reframing and of course the importance of accountability.


We start up with a first call where we explore how I can be of help. This first call is free. 

After we come up with a plan my coaching runs for 1, 3 or 6 months depending on the issues to be solved. 


Book your free call to see which level of coaching is right for you!


Ask me about the 6 month VIP coaching where I take on selected clients by application only!


Book your free call to explore how we can work together.