A Story of Hope, Healing, Facing Fears, and Finding Purpose



“A truly inspirational book on life and death and having a purpose in life that will stay with you for a long time.” —Kevin Harrington, Original Shark on “Shark Tank” Inventor of the Infomercial, Best Selling Author


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About the book

Reflections is a gripping story written from two perspectives: Brian Hobbs, a songwriter with a terminal cancer diagnosis with months to live, and Fia Hobbs, his caregiving wife as well as his therapist.



During Brian’s illness he wrote down his thoughts and feelings in a blog that became a huge inspiration for people to let go of their own fears and to find purpose in their own lives. Reflections will move and inspire people to realize what matters in life as they follow Brian’s last months and the people around him.


Reflections takes you on an honest journey through dealing with fears, coming to term with illness, facing death, and acceptance. Follow Brian and Fia on their journey through hope, despair, and finally to peace and acceptance.



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Reflections got an award 2021

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What people are saying about Reflections

“Can you talk to a book? Yes, if the book speaks to you as this book does through its immediate proximity to life and death. Brian and Fia Hobbs’ closeness to themselves and to each other when they write from their different perspectives, evokes thoughts and feelings that provide insights and inspire the most important things; to find a deeper purpose in life, with each passing day. It deals with mindset, and above all, about love. ” Ingela Blom


”To read Reflections is to step into a journey, a journey that Brian and Fia make together. There grief and loss, joy and wonder, insight and hope meet. But above all, I am touched by the warmth and love that permeates the entire book. And that it is never, ever too late to find home. Love and hope!” Eva Hertzberg


”The book touched me in several ways. Mainly in the way it is written, to be able to read your words and at the same time be able to listen to the songs and lyrics, it touched me the most. I’ve never experienced that before. It reinforced the whole text and the impression.” Maggie Målevik, Hjärtats Hus.


”Reading the book. So touching on all levels. What warmth it sends out in the midst of all your sorrow. It touches you deeply.” Eva Keith Rosander


”Reflections is an incredibly beautiful and touching book that will change  people’s ways of looking at life – and death.” Anneli Zachrisson


”This is a gripping story of life, healing, and the love that shines through it all. It is in life’s exposed inner core that the magical transformation occurs during our final scene. It is there we make the sudden shifts between the revealing light and the invading shadow – the light inescapably insightful and precious. 

Everything that had been pushed aside by fear and negligence, by ignorance and complacency, is invited back by Brian Hobbs who, with openness and candor, allows life to finally catch up to him. With incredible loyalty and insight into wholeness and healing, his wife Fia Hobbs navigates them both, in acceptance and in healing. Day by day, moment by moment, all the way to death’s door, which perhaps needn’t always divide us, they both stand in our presence as a universal teacher and guide.

The impact of Brian’s healing at the end of his life leaves an unforgettable touch of hope and purpose, and a reminder of the finiteness that we all need to be reminded of to live in the here and now. My wish is for everyone to take part in this story that sheds light on the inescapably painful part of the totality of life.” Marie Bergman


”On my flight back to Stockholm yesterday I finished reading Reflections which I’d started on my outbound flight. The book is based on the blog of my friend and neighbor Brian Hobbs and his last seven months dealing with terminal cancer, co-written with his wife Fia.

As the plane came into land I reached the chapter “Brian’s Last Day – February 8, 2018” I’m not ashamed to say, I shed many tears throughout the book but this chapter really hit me. I’ve lost family and many friends over the years but reading someones dying thoughts and hopes is very moving, especially when you knew that person!

I’ve got an awful lot out of reading it (a few changes in my life are needed) and I thank Brian for having the strength and courage to write, and more importantly, share his thoughts with the world and to Fia for finishing off his work after he passed. Brian, you were a gentle soul and it was my great pleasure to know you. Fia Hobbs, you done your man proud ❤️ I think this book will help a lot of people in similar situations.” Danny Hynes