Cancer Wellness

How to Strengthen Mind and Body


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The are more questions than answers when you get diagnosed with cancer and the focus is completely on the illness. It is easy to forget what is actually still working well within your body. 


This is where Cancer Wellness can help you.

Some of the questions I hear from my clients are:
  • Can I affect the outcome of my cancer?
  • I am confused about the diets.
  • Should I avoid supplements completely?
  • Why wasn’t I told about the side effects?
  • What can I do to avoid relapse?
  • Can I exercise while on chemo?
  • How can i get rid of my cancer fatigue?
  • I am worried about my family not coping.

Taking an active role in the recovery leads to a faster healing, and above all, benefit your mental well-being. During this lecture, I share my experiences from my work as a counseling therapist and from the doctors I had the privilege to study for.


Extra big thanks to Dr Carl Simonton who was a pioneer in Psycho-neuro Immunology. He saw the connection as early as 1971 when he began to explore this and devoted his working life to Mind Body Medicine.


Cancer Wellness is about seeing people from a holistic perspective, and not just as a body part or a tumor. It’s about getting involved and taking charge and strengthen that is already healthy in the body.


True healing happens on four levels: physical, mental, emotional, and existential and they all have to be addressed. Coming to acceptance, having trust and experience joy are just some of the things that strengthen the immune system. 



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cancer wellness

Picture taken at Simonton Cancer Center in California where I have studied as a counseling therapist for Dr Carl Simonton. 

Here I am with Richard Rossner, me, Karen Simonton and Rahla Kahn, all teachers.