The Power of Qigong

Achieve Physical and Mental Balance in Your Life

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One of my most popular talks as it combines a lecture with practical hands on exercises.


Find out about the origin of qigong, what the five major groups are, and what distinguishes qigong and taiji. There are thousands of qigong forms and I will teach you what to look for so you can choose a form that suit your needs.


I will also talk about my experiences when I did my internship in a hospital in China and how I taught the patients qigong without knowing the language.


A Hands On Talk

I adapt the practical part to fit the group and I make sure that everyone can participate. When needed I modify and adapt movements individually. There is no need to change clothes or bring anything. The exercises are done standing or sitting.


You are also going to get brain training, exercises that balances the left and right brain. This usually brings about a lot of laughter and thoughts about how we use our body. The coordination exercises will help you take care of stiff shoulders and soften the whole body in a completely different way.


What You Will Learn:

  • soft movements for mobility
  • breathing exercises in motion
  • coordination exercises
  • brain training and much more


You are welcome to contact me and I will send you my speaker kit.