From Stress to Strength

The Five Crucial Steps

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Everybody experience stress and I don’t think we can live without it. But we do need to learn when to put on the breaks and how to do it. And we need to do it often.


In my talk about stress I cover all the angles from inner, outer, chemical, eustress, distress, and more. But most important I teach you simple steps to break away from a sudden stress surcharge and will be teaching you easy steps you can use at home or at work. 


I will also cover the five crucial steps we need in order to make friends with stress in our life and to be able to make it sustainable.


I am a hands on person and combine my talks with practical exercises. This means that the talk can be turned into a semi workshop if you wish.


This lecture has been held for hospital staff as well as companies and organizations where there is a problem with long-term sick leave. My hope is that prevention and greater awareness can prevent burnout.

You will find out about following: 
  • long-term and short-term stress and how it affects us
  • if there is a difference in positive and negative stress
  • how inner and outer stress affect us
  • what are the chemical stress factors
  • breathing exercises and their effect on our physical body
  • learn a quick 3-step solution for when you feel overwhelmed
  • a 5-step strategi for sustainable stress management
  • be able to put yourself in a relaxed state
  • be able to prioritize better
  • the importance of recuperation

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